01 October 2007

AIR Beta 2 released!

After four months after release of Adobe AIR beta 1, from today new Beta2 version is among us. Don't get surprised if your AIR installation files icons change after installing beta 2. New shaded icons with .air letters have interesting and unexpected look. There is, first of all difference in size. While beta 1 has 8.51 Mb, beta 2 is slightly heavier, 9.14 Mb.
Download link for beta 2 and changes available here:

Beta 2 Download Page.

Don't forget to download documentation which is BIIIG, 63 Mb, compared to 3,2 Mb for beta 1. You will get 8 pdf fool books ready for development and html language reference. Installer for Macintosh is also available. This time you don't need to uninstall beta 1 in order to instal new version like it was case in cross between Apollo and AIR beta 1.



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