03 October 2007

Ah, those AIR developers!

We love you too Lee...

There is so much news around Adobe AIR, nobody can keep up. First, there are AIR Derby Winners. Also check out Devnet AIR page and AIR Marketplace.

Did you already get new AIR SDK? This is really too much :)

What's new in Beta 2? Here is the list:

- System Tray icon/Dock Bar Bounce
- Synchronous database API(tm)
- Native menus
- Drag and drop enhancements including bitmap support
- Windowing improvements such as Z-order control and enhanced
activation and focus support
- Improved Install dialog look and feel
- Application-initiated runtime updates
- HTML security model improvements
- Mouse support for double-click and scroll-wheel
- Per-machine runtime installs
- Performance and memory enhancements
- Hundreds of bug fixes



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