18 September 2007

Twitter Out Blogrush In

After reading some reviews about BlogRush widget I decided to try it for a while and see if it is any good. But sidebar started to look packed with twitter badge and box widget, so I decided to exclude twitter widget since in the last few weeks it became obligation for me to twitt, I just lost interest.

BlogRush is just 2 days old and 99% of bloggers doesn't know about it yet. But those famous meta bloggers are using it already, so if it is good for why not for the rest of us. Let's just wait for a week or two and see how it will work. I tried this little experiment with it however.

Since blogs that appear inside widget should all have installed widget on blog and they all should be in same category, since you have to choose only one category I wanted to see how many jumps I can take with it. So, I clicked on random link on widget and it took me to another interesting blog in my category. However, I made only few jumps and last blog didn't have widget installed! I repeated this few times and result is the same. So some blogs that appear don't have widget installed. How this is possible? You tell me.



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