15 September 2007

So, what's the deal with DealDotCom?

There is a lot of buzz around about DealDotCom. One of the reasons is that they are not yet public! They are in silent mode for TWO MORE DAYS. Yet, everyone is talking about how this is great opportunity to join because you will be two days ahead of others.

But how to join? You got to have invitation from someone to do this, and I have made it! So, since every minute is important, no more delays, grab it while you can: www.dealdotcom.com/invite/5911/.

Those who find out about this from you will be thankful one day. Spread the word.

DealDotCom invitation banner


Scott said...

for some reason - it looks alot like woot.com - all the way down to the format and styles. They are also in Texas, though they have been in operation for some time. They also do one day, one deal. Hmm...

thegameterrorist said...


You may be interested in the DealDotCom widget which is javascript based and can by used by blogspot users as well. It displays the current deal of the day and will use your affiliate code.
Go check it out at:


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