28 September 2007

Lazy Programmer's Shortcut

This flash image gallery is for rownm001.

Now, something completely different. Lazy programmer's shortcut. When working with AIR SDK, if you don't use Ant or anything, but just plain old console you can create batch file for starting ADL. But also, and this is what I did, right-click on your application.xml description file, choose open with and then Choose Program.. Dialog box appears where you click on Browse and than find and select ADL.exe file which is in your air/bin SDK directory and check Always use the selected program to open this type of file checkbox. Now I only have to double click on my application.xml in order to start my AIR application.


Keith Peters said...

Doesn't that make ALL xml files then open with adl?

flanture said...

Hello Keith,

yes it does, but it works good for me since I edit xml files with text editor. Saves console working time.


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