25 September 2007

Hidden Air Apps

Some directories like ApolloHunter are trying to gather as many as possible air applications in one place, but this is very hard to do now and it will be much harder to do it in the future. But effort counts. However, here are some AIR applications that I couldn't find in directories.

- MXNAQube is a way to view posts aggregated by mxna (Macromedia XML News Aggregator). It currently provides access to the newest posts, most popular posts and the ability to search posts. On top of that, it auto-archives all posts that are consumed by the widget.

- Runtime Design Accelerator is a successor of RealTime CSS Updater.

- MICON is a application that allows you to extract system icons used for a file/folder, and save them as a transparent png.

- Air909 is rhythm composer.




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