12 September 2007

Best Flex Examples Blog

As I put more and more pressure on myself to finally start with Flex, my useful bookmarks collection of blogs is getting bigger. There isn't better way of learning things than learning from the source, and in this case that source+ is Peter deHaan's Flex Examples blog, who works for Adobe on the Flex SDK QA team.

Blog is updated more than daily and every post is new Flex lesson with source code. I will mention just few recent post titles:

- Styling the HSlider control using CSS (12. sept)
- Customing the Flex HSlider and VSlider controls (11. sept)
- Changing the cursor in a flex application using cursormanager class (10. sept)
- Styling the titlewindow container (10. sept)

and many, many more...


J.Mihai said...

Thanks very much for sharing. I have also been checking up some sites in this domain lately. I have found many interesting resources and I am really thinking about starting to learn.

I have some programming experience but very few c# and some php. The main reason I would like to learn is to be able to integrate more web technologies in the WEB.

If possible, can you share some other links where I can take some info and tutorials/ experiments ?

Thanks very much and keep up the good work.

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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