30 July 2007

Computer OFF

This is creepy. I just came across one comment I left 47 days on http://onrails.org/articles/2007/06/13/websnapshot-a-simple-adobe-air-application and I don't remember that I was there !

I suppose I'm to much online :)
OK, computer OFF...

28 July 2007

Favorite ActionScript version?

ActionScript3.0 is relatively new, I know, but how many people have decided to use only that version? My most used version is ActionScript2.0, but I'm learning new version. Differences are big enough to keep me with previous version at least for one more year and that's maybe, 'cause I really like 2.0.

I'm trying to find out a little about this question and I figured that best thing to do is look at popular forum statistics and number of threads within different categories. I think this can really show what is reality in using ActionScript. Here are results.

My first reference is Kirupa forum since I'm regular there. Kirupa has two categories AS1/AS2 and AS3.

- AS1/AS2 = 37,722 threads ( 97,09 %)
- AS3 = 1,128 threads ( 2,91 %)

From this I can't get difference between AS1 and AS2, so I visited ActionScript.org. Results are:

- AS1 = 35,727 threads (40,38 %)
- AS2 = 51,123 threads (57,79 %)
- AS3 = 1,619 threads (1,83 %)

You can notice that results for both forums on AS1+AS2 are similar and this could indicate that this is credible statistics. Interesting. Is this showing that gap between AS2 and AS3 is just too big?

What about you, what version do you use? You can give your vote on sidebar poll. Thanks.

24 July 2007

Flash Platform Marathon

What is the best ActionScript3.0 book out there? I would like to know also. There are plenty of Flex and ActionScript books and one just CAN'T read them all. With 500 pages every one of them is big time investment. So, how to decide?

Surely that right pick depends on what one wants to learn most, but for begginers, like me, it's harder to choose, I think.

Maybe most popular is the best one. On Amazon, one of the best-sellers of all times became recently Colin Moock's "Essential ActionScript 3.0 (Essential)". I will repeat that: of all times ! It seems that everybody is running Flash Platform Marathon. I know I am.

So, what ActionScript3.0 / Flex / Flash book are you reading right now?

22 July 2007

AIR Extensions

Adobe has released AIR extension for Dreamweaver. In order to use this extension you will need Dreamweaver CS3 and earlier versions are not supported. Extension comes as MXP file 25 Mb. In this way you can create AIR applications using Dreamweaver. Also, Galvan wrote about plans for AIR extension for Flash CS3 in near future.

What else is new? Employee Directory sample application with source code at labs . And what I'm doing? Finished reading about Strings and now on Arrays in AS3.0. I have also removed collection of Apollo applications from Box Downloads since they are not AIR capable.

18 July 2007

Timer saves time

I just read about new Timer class in ActionScript3.0. With this class things get very simple when it comes to programming events in time intervals. With just few lines I have total control of time driven events. Also, TIMER property of TimerEvent and TIMER_COMPLETE property of Event class are very useful.

I'm already imagine complex shemas with extending of this class when one tick triggers another timer and so on. Very time saving. Next are Strings.

I got to find some small project to write while I'm reading or I'll end up with 'useless knowledge' that hangs over my empty flex folder. But what?


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