29 June 2007

iPhone AIR simulation

Are you waiting in line for few days already to buy new Apple's iPhone? Your parents miss you. And they also miss money you took for damn iPhone...

If you don't have money to buy iPhone or you live in some distant place you can try iPhone simulation built on AIR. Merhl has started to make iPhone simulation using AIR, Adobe Integrated Runtime, just for fun. Check it out!

22 June 2007

Code Names code

Finally I have time to learn a bit about mxml and I started to read about Flex. Result of my curiosity is my first flex code. It is not real application, just something small. Code is only 30 lines.

CodeNames.mxml and Main.css inside CodeNames.zip.

You can download files from box. I hope I will speed up my learning.

13 June 2007

Bus that runs on AIR

Not usual Air but new one, beta Air. So what's the story? Air promotion across United States starting from July 10 in Seattle, Washington and finishing in Chicago, Illinois. Complete schedule available at new established website with weblog : ONAIR .

I have to notice from reactions on mentioned weblog that people outside of United States are more interested in Tour and this promotion than Americans. Requests for new Bus stops at Brazil, Mexico City, London. Why not? At least major cities in Europe. I'm sure people are "getting" Air in the outside world also. Until new tour happens, those will enjoy live streams from inside and around Bus, because it will be heavily wired. They will be first "developers on wheels".

11 June 2007

Apollo has disappeared in The AIR !

Apollo has landed, finally! Instead we have AIR, which stands for Adobe Integrated Runtime. This is beta release, available at labs. Macintosh version is 8 Mb, Windows exe is 9 Mb. There is important note that Apollo alpha must be uninstalled before installing Adobe AIR beta.

What about applications that run on Apollo? Do they have to be reinstalled or they will work on AIR? I didn't find answer anywhere, so if anyone know, please answer.

AIR SDK is also available along with documentation which is 3 Mb for HTML developers and 32 Mb for Flex developers. Documentation for HTML developers includes 185 page book "Developing AIR Applications with HTML", which is first thing I'm reading, for sure. There are also samples, quick start and JavaScript Language Reference. Wonderful.

And you are still reading this post? Go to labs, NOW!

Edit: Thanks Mike for such quick comment! Let's get that AIR running...

07 June 2007

Surfing The Wave

- Yo, dude !
- Yo...
- So, what's up?
- ...
- Yo, man, let's make a company?
- Company?
- Yeah, man, let's make a company and get rich really quick.
- ...
- ...
- What kind of company?
- You know, man, like those ReviewMe guys or PayPerPost company, man, you know, ...
- Yeah?
- Yeah, dude, so,..., like, it's gonna be cool, you know.
- Yeah.
- So, like, how about we start tomorrow?
- Cool.

06 June 2007

StyleManager component

StyleManager is a panel extension for Adobe Flash MX 2004, Flash 8 or Flash CS3. It should allow you to create and than apply styles to any text field, no matter if it's static, dynamic or input. Other features are saving all properties of a textfield as a style on your local drive, saving movie clip filter settings, updating existing styles. Style can be imported or exported as .jsfl file.

Check screenshots at Flashloaded.com , and my suggestion is to check support forum too.


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