31 May 2007

Apollo Beta with Embedded SQLite DB

Mike Chambers has announced that Apollo Beta release will have SQLite embedded database, but only after that same news is announced by Google related with Google Gears. How Google knows better than Adobe's gurus about Apollo? Don't ask me.

What is SQLite? SQLite Website tells the story: "SQLite is a small C library that implements a self-contained, zero-configuration SQL database engine". SQLite db will be available both via JavaScript and ActionScript. Sounds exciting? Apollo with DB - sure!

Edit: Google doesn't know better than Adobe's guru ! My mistake.

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21 May 2007

free apollo ebook

I really don't know how I haven't noticed this before. It's about Adobe book: Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers Pocket Guide. U can buy it in paper at Amazon if u like, but u can also download it freely from this page.

Book is written by Mike Chambers, Rob Dixon and Jeff Swartz. It's a positive intro to Apollo for Flex developers, but u don't need to know flex to write ria in apollo, u can also do it only with html / css / javascript. I'll repeat that: For writing RIA in Apollo u can use html / css / javascript only. Insane? Totally!

17 May 2007

publisher verification reactions

Since, I'm still in process of moving my blog here, I have posted last post in both blogs, older and here. Reactions came from some interesting people, so I decided to transfer comments from old blog here, to have all comments in one place.

Once again, thank you all for paying attention to this issue.

1. - Hello,

At ApolloApps.com we are attempting to address this problem.
We are building an App registry, where the primary key is the AppId and we will have a validation service that will evolve.
We also plan to introduce an App Certification process very soon.
In order for an app to be certified, the application developers would need to publish their Apollo project to our CVS/SVN repository, and we would certify that the app contained no malicious code or procedures that, as you point out, could otherwise be very dangerous if someone uses an untrusted, malicious application.
Tune into ApolloApps.com (http://www.apolloapps.com) for details that will emerge soon.
Edward Mansouri

2. My first point is that the verification system is not supported in the alpha release.
The second point is that unless ApolloApps is going to do on-the-fly compilation, verifying the source code is pointless.
Tom Chiverton

3.Signatures and verification are not implemented in the alpha, so we
thought it best to indicate in the UI that the publisher was
unverified--which, in fact, is correct. Once the signature and
verification feature is fully implemented you will see applications
with verified publisher information and a different set of warnings.

To your second point, yes, all Apollo applications currently have the
same filesystem access as any other desktop application. As with any
desktop application, an Apollo application should not be installed
unless you trust it. The signing and verification feature is designed
to give you additional reliable information with which to make this
decision, but you still have to make that decision for yourself.

Oliver Goldman
Apollo Engineering
Adobe Systems Inc

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16 May 2007

adobe publisher verification

As I wrote earlier, I have installed and tested about 20+ apollo applications so far. I have noticed one thing. Every one of them had unverified publisher identity. Even Ascension that was written by Mike Chambers, Adobe guru.

Now, I tried to find informations about this verification, why none application has been verified and all of them have unrestricted access to users file system. This can be BIG threat to security. I can now see how much I haven't been careful, but I'm not sure that Adobe gave enough warning about this.

If anyone has some info about publisher verification system, please comment about it. Thank you.

13 May 2007

apollo apps collection

There are still small number of apollo applications out there. Some new websites like apolloapps.com and apollohunter.com are trying to collect all those new air files in one place.

I have tried so far about 20 apollo apps and one game. Many are still betas, but some already have nice functions. I have prepared something for those who want to try apollo for first time.
I have made small collection of apollo applications (various authors). All apps are free to use. There are 10 apps inside zip file and complete collection is only 3 Mb. Offcourse, you'll need apollo runtime.

My favorite ones are fresh, lookup and apollobook. This is list of apollo applications you will download:

ApolloTwitter.air 268 kb
Ascension-0.6.air 425 kb
Fresh.air 525 kb
Lookup.air 322 kb
Tweetr.air 263 kb
YoutubePlayer.air 286 kb
Apollobook.air 206 kb
ASCodeAnalyzer.air 295 kb
ProjectTracker.air 351 kb
MyUrlShortener.air 241 kb
All 3.1 Mb
Enjoy !

Please, note that I'm not author of those applications and I don't accept ANY responsibility for ANY damage made by those apps. All apps are downloaded from above websites. Thanks.

11 May 2007

widget madness

New project I'm currently working on is this widget-like website gadget (see image). I don't really know what will it be, I don't have any plans, but I'm sure something will come up along the way.

It's dimensions are 200x200. For now it has only one function. But that function works great! Little grey triangle in the left bottom corner is button, which has on rollOver function that shows tooltip. On press, button opens movieClip in the top, that have 3 input text fields, for red, green and blue colors in hexadecimal values. When you press button with new values, background color is changed accordingly.

And that's it. Simple but functional. I just couldn't wait to finish it before I presented it here :)

Feedback is very appreciated.

10 May 2007

project tracker v0.5

ApolloApps already have 23 apollo applications, many of them free to use, and one of them is Project Tracker v0.5 by Jacob Wright. He and his company are somewhere from Utah, as google maps on site shows. Highly interactive. We are talking about withincode.com , but they are not yet open for business.

However, Project Tracker is built with apollo and you must have runtime to see application. I'm writing about it, cause I noticed that this application is perfect for bloggers. If you wanna be pro blogger or you already are one, this is nice app to work with. You can enter your every blog as client, and than every future post is new project. You have timer, calendar built in, and stopwatch. Using project tracker in this way gives you advantage in organizing your posting schedules.

Every pro blogger wanna be can save some time with Project Tracker and it is only v0.5. Can't wait for v1.

09 May 2007

to widget or not to widget

  What about using a widget on your website/blog? First of let's see what is widget. Wikipedia defines widget or web widget as a portable chunk of code (flash or javascript) that can be installed and executed within separate HTML-based web page without additional compilation. Other terms are gadgets, badge, module, capsule, etc. widgetbox, widgets marketplace, says that widgets are every html code or flash that can be integrated in web page.

 This definitions are quite loose. Everything can be a widget. What if I have flash based web site, and I insert some game on it, is that a widget? Or just another page? If my website is made in frames, than one frame is widget? In that case, every counter you entered on your website represents one widget. I can recognize twitter badge or "box" as widgets, but I'm still searching for right definition of it. Maybe flash widget should be known as fladgets. Cool name.

I can't imagine my blog without them. (Ok, I can, but this way is muuuuch better) So, how many of them is ok? If they have correct purpose within blog or website, if they display informations or give content that is useful or can contribute in better functionality of web site than using widget is fine. But if one puts x number of widgets on blog or website, just because they exist, he downgrades his blog.

 To answer the question in my title: to widget, but properly.

08 May 2007

new storage

Somehow, my ticker files have disappeared from my store site 4shared, so I decided to claim a new one, nicer, free 1Gb and cool widget, as you can see. Uploaded ticker.zip and album.zip files. From now on BOX.

05 May 2007

comics album flash application

Flanture is proud to present next flash project, Comics Album.

Album is simple but useful. It uses flash power to include dynamic content loaded from any xml file and combine it with already done comic image pages. Comic is usually separated in pages, and every page has different text clouds. This Album shows pages one by one. It has two navigation buttons. Main characteristic is that text can be changed from xml file, but also and text font, color, size. Xml file contain text clouds for every page.

Comic Album is great way to separate graphics from text in your comic creations. Text can be modified dynamicaly, font, it's size and color. Let's see how to use it. This is how looks like part of xml file that describes one comic page:

< page purl="page1.jpg" tboxn="1">

< tbox posx="420" posy="220" bw="300" bh="100" txt="Third text box!" fnt="Verdana" fnts="26" fc="0x000000" />

So, what we have here? Parametars for one comic page are:
purl - page url
tboxn - number of text boxes (clouds)

Parametars for one text box are:
posx - x position of text box
posy - y position of text box
bw - box width
bh - box height
txt - text
fnt - font face
fnts - font size
fc - font color (hexadecimal numbers)

That's it ! Simple, but nice. If you are interested in using Comics Album, please leave comment.

download: here

I have posted on several forums that I'm looking for partner to help with my comics flash album. For better presentation I want someone who has nice artistic skills and who wants to present his/hers work. Any comics author who provide several interesting comic pages will get free promotion. I'm not offering any money. This is about collaboration and partnership.

You can contact me here (leave a comment) or at flanture [at] gmail [dot] com. Please, remember that comics album is work in progress, so I hope it will be better in every new version in the future.

Post transfered from older blog.

02 May 2007

hidden news ticker

post moved from blog.com>

This news ticker is just a little bit different. It can be hidden between others
page flash elements, but on button press, it becomes wider, and news are displayed.
There is small animation guilty for this effect. News string comes from xml file.
You can download zipped swf and example xml (4Kb) on this address:


This is created on first hand, but can be converted to component, later.
It should have some nice skin, different transition effects, maybe 2 or
more rows of data with more colors, etc. I'm making todo list for next version.
I know this ticker is everywhere and it is easy to make it, but this one is
done by me, and I like it :)


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